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Our Mission

Building a future where capitalism benefits all stakeholders.

Did you know? The portion of low-income countries in or near debt distress increased from 30% to over 60% during the pandemic.

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What To Know: The IMF's Global Economic Outlook

Inflation and Omicron will be a drag on growth in 2022, according to the IMF's World Economic Outlook Report.

How to spare low-income countries from ‘economic collapse’
Chief Economists Outlook

The November Chief Economists Outlook is published as COVID-19 is resurging in some parts of the world, the global economy still finds itself in major disequilibrium and the costs of fighting climate change are starting to come into view.

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Transformation Map
Transformation Map

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Our solution enables schools and colleges to deliver STEM classes to students remotely or in-school for pedagogical continuity.


Our community-supported fishery platform delivers the fresh, sustainably caught seafood to customers via an app, with electronic traceability.


Our innovative platform empowers creators, start-ups, brands and manufacturers to independently crowdfund new ideas and projects.

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