Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

We help leaders anticipate, understand and shape the trajectory of technological change for human-centered, society-serving outcomes.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution promises shared prosperity and heralds smart solutions to the world’s most intractable challenges. However, its exponential pace often overwhelms existing institutions, leaving societies exposed to uncontrolled risks and unhealthy imbalances, while deprived of unprecedented opportunities.

The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution shapes new policies and strategies in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital assets, the internet of things or autonomous vehicles, and enables agile implementation and iteration via its fast-growing network of national and sub-national centres.

The Centre is hosted by the World Economic Forum, the international organization for public-private cooperation. Its approach is to level up local policy expertise and ownership with global network-based learning and scaling via multi-stakeholder communities and initiatives, global visibility, and its trusted status as an international organization.

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C4IR Azerbaijan Launch Event


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Our latest insights

New Report: Quantum Computing Governance Principles

This report lays out the first set of principles for the responsible design and adoption of quantum computing technologies to drive positive outcomes for society; it also outlines the key actions to be taken by stakeholders to incentivize the development of the technology while mitigating the possible risks.


New Toolkit: Empowering AI Leadership: AI C-Suite Toolkit

This toolkit provides a one-stop place for corporate executives to identify and understand the multiple and complex issues that AI raises for their business and society. It provides a practical set of tools to help them comprehend AI’s impact on their roles, ask the right questions, identify the key trade-offs and make informed decisions on AI strategy, projects and implementations.


New Toolkit: Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources

The toolkit promotes the responsible use of artificial intelligence-based tools in human resources. Developed in collaboration with a community of over 50 experts, the toolkit includes a guide covering key topics and steps in the responsible use of AI-based HR tools, and two checklists - one focused on strategic planning and the other on the adoption of a specific tool.


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